Ms. Fukuda, our company COO, presented at HAI symposium 2018.

Apr. 3th 2019
Press Release

At the HAI Symposium 2018, held on March 8 and 9, 2019 at Senshu University, Ms. Fukuda gave the following presentation.


Title: "Interaction Design Expanding Adaptation Gap Theory"
Author: Satoko Fukuda*, Shiori, Sawada, Kunimasa Kawasaki*, Kohei Okuoka*, Masahiko Osawa, Shigemi Nagata, Michita Imai
* The author of BLUEM

This presentation was adopted in a discussion session in which three papers were selected as the papers to be specifically discussed out of 25 oral presentations, and the presentation time was longer than other presentations.
The contents of the presentation extend the theory of "adaptive gap", which is important in HAI field, and propose a new design of communication robot.


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